Street Portrait Challenge | NYC Workshop on Fears & Personal Power

If you have a camera, you have a tool that will not only transform you, but the people around you. It’s  mostly the reason why we are drawn to photography in the first place.

Join me on Saturday, February 16th @ 2pm for another Street Portrait Challenge; workshop style. We will come together to explore our fears and our personal power all while using photography.

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Scott Robert Paris Workshop | Last day in Paris…

I feel so many emotions that I can’t quite put into words.  Humility comes to mind as I reflect back on the past week I’ve had at the Scott Robert workshop.  At the beginning of this experience, I didn’t know what to expect.  I knew going in that this trip would forever change me, but I wasn’t sure how.  On the last day while I sat in the airport waiting to board my flight back to my “normal” life, I realized from this point forward, my life would be anything but normal.  My reality has changed for the better. 

I never knew that I would be surrounded with such a diverse group of people that exuded energy in their own perfectly unique way.  I watched as 25 strangers came into this workshop and developed deep friendships in just a matter of days.  Each of us had moments of true revelation that we were in the company of extraordinary people who want to be the very best at what they do, and live extraordinary lives.

Scott Robert touched the hearts of 25 people this week; each in a very specific way.  He showed us that everyone has their own path to lead to make an impact in this world and that we have a duty and obligation to follow our dreams.  We must turn our dreams into reality to show others that anything is possible.  Our actions in this world will pave the way for others to pursue their aspirations and fulfill their purpose.

I experienced a fulfilling adventure in Paris, receiving more than I could have ever imagined.  The Scott Robert community made the idea of living an extraordinary life possible.  I know that this is just the beginning.

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing the experiences I had during this workshop in Paris.  Be prepared to see everything from my shoot at the Maisons-Laffitte Castle and Notre Dame, breathtaking scenery, lively Parisians, and inspiring lectures given by Marie Lyssa, Bendele Zubari, and Scott Robert himself. 

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It was a Tuesday late morning around 11am.  All was quiet around me except for the occasional click click click of my mouse as I checked off junk emails to be deleted.  "Amazon top 10 deals" - delete, "Groupon save 10% on a facial - delete, Sidestep Fair Alert NYC - CDG (Paris) - dele.. oh no wait I actually might want to see this one.  When I opened the email the price I saw for a round trip non-stop flight to Paris was around the same cost you would pay for a trip to Wyoming.  A whopping $365!  I thought maybe I wasn't reading it right.  So after staring intently at the details and price of the airfare for several minutes, I decided that this was it.  I would be going to Paris in March! Perhaps the reality of it all should've hit me a few weeks prior when I signed up for the Scott Robert Lim photography workshop in Paris and drained half my savings.  The feeling that I had after doing that was...numb.  I had one of those "what did I just do" moments after the transaction was complete.  I was scared.  Not about investing in the workshop; I have no doubt that it will be worth every penny.  But I was scared that maybe I should've done something else with the money like um...I don't a bill? My flight to Paris was booked, my seat at a photography workshop for a top world-class photographer was booked.  The reality of it all hit me like a ton of bricks.  I cried.  Cried my heart out I tell ya!  I don't know what it was.  I just became so emotional that my dreams of traveling and practicing my craft had came true just like that!  No longer was it just an empty claim that I couldn't back up.  It's really happening; dreams do come true!  I feel like such a sap for even saying that and telling this story but if you've been reading this blog long enough; you already know how sappy I can be :). Wishing you a lovely 2011 and beyond! See Beauty... Ariane
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