Everyone Has A Story

From a very young age I was always obsessed with reading.  Everything from the story of Babar, Curious George, to the Berenstein Bears (I had the whole book collection!).  I would lock myself up in my bedroom with the light green painted walls and stuffed animals dolls hanging from the shelves and plant myself in front of a book.  Sometimes for hours and hours, I'd read book after book and be taken away, if only for a moment, to get a small peek into the world of another person (or in this case, cartoon character lol). My personal journey as a wedding and portrait photographer has so far been just that; a journey.  Self-discovery and a roller coaster ride all wrapped up in one.  And with each step I make, I am creating the story of my life.   Whether it's an interesting story isn't really the point but the fact that it's my unique story of where I came from to this very moment is still unfolding.  And that's what I find so exciting in my work as a photographer.  Whenever I am with a client is another opportunity to be invited into their world to create and be apart of their unique story; even for a moment.  Whether it's shooting their wedding day, observing their love during an engagement session, or photographing a mother-to-be during a maternity shoot; together we are creating a story.
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