The Gift of YOU | Practicing Self-love & Kindness

When you look in the mirror; at your reflection, what do you see?  Perhaps you see the makings of a bad hair day or that new pimple coming in.  Aaargh, there goes your day, right?  These physical flaws will be on your mind throughout the day as you go about your normal routine.  But what if you looked a little bit deeper, past your own reflection. What if you looked deeply into eyes of the person staring back at you. What would you see?  Maybe you would see a person who is incredibly gifted at using color and design to turn a blank canvas into a creative display of self-expression.  Or maybe you see a person who is a whiz in the kitchen and can whip up the most creative meals in a matter of minutes. 

That person is you.  These are the type of gifts we possess inside that go unnoticed or we brush it off as something that is not important.

Our gifts and attributes are things what we possess inside that come together to create who we truly are.

In the month of December, we will be celebrating our own unique gifts each day by recognizing and receiving them. Starting today and for the next 30 days, I’d like you to say the following statement:

Today, I receive the gift of my: willingness to try new things/my voice/my creativity/my spontaneity/my passion for cooking/ my nurturing ways/my willingness to dream/ my >>Fill In Your Awesome Gift<<

When you’re in front of a mirror (getting ready for the day, the rearview mirror in your car, etc) or passing by your reflection (while window shopping or the puddle from yesterdays rain, etc), stop for a moment and breathe in the statement above. Say it out loud or quietly in your heart.  No matter what form it is expressed, be present with the words and feel it’s impact within you.

I will be posting the above statement on my Fanpage everyday this month.  I invite you to stop by and share the gifts that you are receiving that day.

When you receive your own gifts, you are practicing self-love and kindness.  You’ll begin to notice a shift happening inside you that puts you in touch with your true self instead of your perceived imperfections.  It’s an empowering practice that creates strength inside you to boldly share yourself in the world.

What is the gift that are you receiving today?

See Beauty…