14 Days of Love - Day 10

Spring is coming everyone, just got to hold on tight.  I know it's hard to imagine warm weather and sunshine for all of us in the northeast that got hit with the whopping blizzard today. I trudged down the snow filled sidewalks bundled from head to toe thinking of somewhere else I'd rather be; some place warm.  I continued walking with my head down trying to block the harsh winds from blowing in my face.  Then as I looked up to see where I was going, I was delighted to see this staring me in the face. These little red berries stood out on the tree branches through the mounds of snowflakes and frost.  Seems like mother nature is showing us signs of Spring through this brutal winter.  Seeing this renewed my spirit and took my mind off of the sheet of snow that blanketed everything around me.  Nature can  show us LOVE in tiny ways.
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