Photographer & Business Consultant, Kate Watson | See Beauty...™ Friday Feature


I see beauty in connection and relationships. In our increasingly technological world, where people more frequently meet virtually than in person, I long for the simple joys of human connection: the brush of a couple’s hands, nuzzling between mom and baby, shy smiles that communicate volumes.

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Photographer, Grace Mz gie | See Beauty...™ Friday Feature

I see beauty in my dream that dream shouldn't stay as a dream anymore, you just have to take daring step for it. Your dream shouldn't make you weak but it must be the reason to give power into your life. However, a dream stays there forever, if you aren't willing to do any effort, seeing for an opportunity and ready to sacrifice.

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Just For A Moment

I’m sitting in a café feeling totally at ease and inspired to the core.  It could be the tall glass of Balance tea I just finished drinking.  But something tells me it’s a bit more than that.  As I look around me I see that I am surrounded by life and vitality that creates this beautiful experience that is the human connection.  I notice the golden sunlight that is filtering in through the stain-glassed windows reflecting onto the wooden table tops. I observe as people  from different walks of life, all with their own personal story are gathered here in the same café at the same moment in time.

Just maybe, this was the case for all of those who were at the World Trade Center on Tuesday morning, September 11, ten years ago.  Gathered together at the same location at the same moment in time. Whenever I am reminded of the tragic events on that day, I can only imagine the horror from everyone that was directly affected.  The love that was lost and everything they’d ever come to know came to an abrupt ending. 

It seems unfathomable how this tragic event was brought on by such evil and hate.  How is it possible for one person to inspire this kind of toxic negativity that would ultimately lead to the death of so many people?  It is sad and heartbreaking to say the least.  It only goes to show you what we as humans are capable of when we use our powers for the opposite of Good.

Each and every day we are fortunate to wake up in the morning, breathe air into our lungs and get out of bed assuming that the ground will be there underneath our feet.  The day unfolds as it may, and we go along not knowing what the next moment will bring.  All we have is the present moment we’re in; it’s all we know for sure.  Our joy, love, anger, fear, passion, and beauty remind us of what it feels like to be alive.  We may notice these feelings within us, acknowledge them, and become connected with them.  Or we may experience them as fleeting moments just simply passing through. The choice is up to us.

So while I sit in this café soaking in all the sights and sounds of life happening all around me, I am reminded of how precious this moment is.  To feel at ease and inspired about the experience going on around me right now, I am reminded what it feels like to be alive.

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