From Search & Fix To Discover & Enhance

Self-help.  That word always bothered me. My first encounter with the word was in a bookstore when I was in my early twenties.  I wasn’t really sure what type of book I was looking for at the time but I was somehow drawn to the self-help section. I walked down the long aisle and let my fingertips run across the spine of each book packed tightly against one another. I glanced at each alluring title of tips and tricks, and quick fixes complete with pictures on the cover of people who seemed to be everything I was not.  My my, what a good way to make someone feel like they were lacking something.

What are we really looking for when we search for something we believe can ‘fix’ us? Who do we really want to be? What do we really want to have or feel?  Are we looking for a quick fix to relieve our pain or is it something deeper than that? 

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