Women With Voices | A Workshop For Feminine Enlightenment

Imagine a world of dynamic brilliant women breaking barriers and owning their natural strength.

Imagine a world where we saw ourselves as confident and fully committed to achieving our dreams.

Imagine a world where the voice of one creates her own destiny and paves the way for those behind her.

Imagine a world where the feminine spirit was allowed out to play, create, and have her say in the world!

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Breeding Ground of the Heart

There is beauty and there is love in every moment that we are given. That beauty and love can powerfully transcend your heart from a place where you can see not just the world in front of us, but a world that is meant to be, because you are in it.

With the calling of our hearts we journey along a path of fearlessness, compassion, and inspired creativity.

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The Identity of Pain

I became a life coach because I see that we are all in pain. Some of us suffer in silence and keep it all in. Some of us identify with that pain because it’s all we know. Some of us who are in pain suppress it and keep going thinking that one day it will all go away. But that day never comes because we never allow it to. Our feelings of indecision, confusion, overwhelm, and fear all comes from a place inside of us that feels “off”. A place that wants to be healed, touched, recognized, and comforted. We yearn for our pain to be comforted because it hurts so bad. We turn to alcohol, food, technology, and even the people around us to comfort us knowing deep down that it will only fan the flames of our pain.

My heart hurts when I see us hurt in this way. I want so much to hold a mirror up in front of you and show you what I see. A strong unique radiance of who you are; an amazing human being

I know what it feels like to be bought and sold into a dream that is not your own. I know what it feels like to be out of touch or disconnected from that place deep within you that wants something more than what you’ve been settling for. And most of all, I know what the voice of fear sounds like and the paralyzing hold it can have over you. This is the pain I struggled with for years and years. Even today that pain still presents itself. But I must say that over the years that pain has gotten smaller and in some instances unrecognizable. It is unrecognizable, because as the pain melts away, I am beginning to see myself without the identity of pain and thus, the real me. 

Pain is an inevitable part of the journey, but suffering is not. We have a choice, everyday and in every moment. For some of us it is not until that pain becomes so unbearable that we take the risk of flying than to keep sinking deeper and deeper into the comfort of our own pain. I cannot promise you that you will not fall or never experience pain again. But what I can promise, it will reveal the identity of who you truly are. A strong beautiful radiant human being who is capable of transcending all pain into love.


With Love & Light,


Her Starring Role

For the last 365 days, she has played a role.  She’s tried on every costume to suit each role she had to play in the starring role of her life.  Not willing to walk on stage in front of a large audience with nothing but the skin she was given.  One day she grew tired of changing costumes.  She then walked out on stage completely exposed looking outward yet remaining deep within herself through love and security. What will everyone think of her as she stands on this stage in complete silence?  She simply embodies the fullness of her own presence.  Will she be enough for the audience?  Will she receive a standing ovation for just being herself?  Maybe, maybe not.  But at least if the world doesn’t stand up for her, she will already be standing up for herself.


See Beauty...


The Gift of YOU | Practicing Self-love & Kindness

When you look in the mirror; at your reflection, what do you see?  Perhaps you see the makings of a bad hair day or that new pimple coming in.  Aaargh, there goes your day, right?  These physical flaws will be on your mind throughout the day as you go about your normal routine.  But what if you looked a little bit deeper, past your own reflection. What if you looked deeply into eyes of the person staring back at you. What would you see?  Maybe you would see a person who is incredibly gifted at using color and design to turn a blank canvas into a creative display of self-expression.  Or maybe you see a person who is a whiz in the kitchen and can whip up the most creative meals in a matter of minutes. 

That person is you.  These are the type of gifts we possess inside that go unnoticed or we brush it off as something that is not important.

Our gifts and attributes are things what we possess inside that come together to create who we truly are.

In the month of December, we will be celebrating our own unique gifts each day by recognizing and receiving them. Starting today and for the next 30 days, I’d like you to say the following statement:

Today, I receive the gift of my: willingness to try new things/my voice/my creativity/my spontaneity/my passion for cooking/ my nurturing ways/my willingness to dream/ my >>Fill In Your Awesome Gift<<

When you’re in front of a mirror (getting ready for the day, the rearview mirror in your car, etc) or passing by your reflection (while window shopping or the puddle from yesterdays rain, etc), stop for a moment and breathe in the statement above. Say it out loud or quietly in your heart.  No matter what form it is expressed, be present with the words and feel it’s impact within you.

I will be posting the above statement on my Fanpage everyday this month.  I invite you to stop by and share the gifts that you are receiving that day.

When you receive your own gifts, you are practicing self-love and kindness.  You’ll begin to notice a shift happening inside you that puts you in touch with your true self instead of your perceived imperfections.  It’s an empowering practice that creates strength inside you to boldly share yourself in the world.

What is the gift that are you receiving today?

See Beauty…



Cold Turkey

I used to be a smoker; cigarettes had somehow made their way into my life.  At first it seemed pretty harmless, then it slowly turned into something I needed to do instead of something I wanted to do.  I started smoking only occasionally, like after having drinks with friends, and then more frequently to cigarette breaks at work.  I noticed that I found myself looking forward to my next smoke and the calm feeling I had after each puff.  I knew a lot of smokers in my life but never thought that I could turn into one myself.  And one day, just like that, I decided to stop smoking before it became a permanent part of me.  To this day, I have not picked up a cigarette.  It was a scary thought to know that a cigarette could have the power to make me feel better or for me to become so dependent on it.  Not to mention the devastating health effects it can have.  So with that said, I have two words for you.... “COLD TURKEY”.  Anything negative or bad habits that need to be cut out of your life can be done by simply going cold turkey.  Trust me, it works!  Just decide that you’re going to stop – AND MEAN IT!  Cold turkey not only helps to quit smoking, but you can also use the cold turkey method to stop biting your fingernails, or in my case to stop eating junk food.  Also, this method is a sure fire way to get rid of that boyfriend/girlfriend that doesn’t appreciate you.  Ok, at this point, after reading this, you can either be empowered or you can be saying “Yeah right, easy for you to say”, and I understand that sometimes these things are easier said than done.  But I believe in you and I believe we all have the power within ourselves to take action.  You owe it to yourself to just try it and if it doesn’t work the first time, keep at it until you’ve found the strength to eliminate it completely. NYC Cigarettes I encourage you to share your stories of any struggles you’ve had in kicking a bad habit.  Whether you’re going through it right now or have triumphantly conquered your vices,  I’d love to hear from you; we’re all in this together. Sidenote:  Ok, so basically I just admitted in this post that I used to be a smoker…hope my mom is not reading!
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