Casts a Shadow

Around 3:45 yesterday afternoon, in the corner of my eye I noticed sort of a sparkle of light glimmering through my blinds.  I was almost drawn to it.  I peaked out of my blinds and was delighted by the sun casting a shadow onto the building next to me.  The light of the sun pierced through a nearby tree and displayed sort of a pattern of lines.  Something about it was so cool looking I had to a take a picture :). Shadows Fiery Shadow What do you think it looks like?  The tree branch shadows almost look a little scary, no?  Or what about fiery?  With the color of the sun against the red bricks.  Let me tell you, I thought my neighborhood looked very boring with very little picture taking opportunities.  But, it's actually not that bad.  Especially when the sunlight hits certain angles and lights up the dark, the simplest subjects can make pretty interesting pictures.  :)
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