Getting Uncomfortable | Personal Reflections

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Sometimes getting uncomfortable requires finding the strength within yourself you didn’t know you had.  

Being comfortable has always been the ultimate goal for me.  The mentality was to pursue a life in the safe lane to minimize failures, rejection, and disappointment.  I was the quiet girl in high school that never spoke up for fear of sounding silly or being rejected.  I was the one that never asked for what I really wanted because I was afraid of hearing the answer, “no”.  I resisted anything that went against the grain and passed up countless opportunities that required taking any risks.  In my head it, putting myself in uncomfortable positions wasn’t worth the trouble and I was better off blending in and going with flow.

The problem with that mentality was that I was living the status quo and not realizing my true potential.  Day after day, it was a constant battle between my heart and mind.  The desires were always there to cast my fears aside and go after what I wanted, but my inner critic would be there all the time convincing me to remain bottled up.  Mentally, it wasn’t a good place to be and I could feel my dreams dying inside the more I resisted them.

To now be living a life where the faith I have in myself is always being tested and showing determination and fearlessness to follow my dreams is beyond anything I could’ve imagined for myself.  Evolving outside of my comfort zone has taken me places and has transformed me into someone that I am proud of.   I am still a work in progress and I still have far to go but I know that I am headed in the right direction.  The thing is, we are all afraid of failure, rejections, and disappointments; those things suck!  But what I realized is that putting ourselves in positions of vulnerability opens us up to something much more than just a bruised ego. The rewards are triumph, strength, and joy for believing in yourself enough to take a chance.  It’s like what my friend and photographer Marie Lyssa once said, going after what you want is like sticking your face out for everyone to see, you might get a few slaps but eventually someone will see your value and say yes.

I’ll leave you with a mantra that I say to myself whenever I find my fear is taking over; “Get Uncomfortable, Remain Faithful”.  To me, that means you must challenge your fears and have faith in your heart that everything will fall into place.

See Beauty…


Me strolling the streets of Paris, France 2011.  Photo taken by Jennifer Romero.  

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Cold Turkey

I used to be a smoker; cigarettes had somehow made their way into my life.  At first it seemed pretty harmless, then it slowly turned into something I needed to do instead of something I wanted to do.  I started smoking only occasionally, like after having drinks with friends, and then more frequently to cigarette breaks at work.  I noticed that I found myself looking forward to my next smoke and the calm feeling I had after each puff.  I knew a lot of smokers in my life but never thought that I could turn into one myself.  And one day, just like that, I decided to stop smoking before it became a permanent part of me.  To this day, I have not picked up a cigarette.  It was a scary thought to know that a cigarette could have the power to make me feel better or for me to become so dependent on it.  Not to mention the devastating health effects it can have.  So with that said, I have two words for you.... “COLD TURKEY”.  Anything negative or bad habits that need to be cut out of your life can be done by simply going cold turkey.  Trust me, it works!  Just decide that you’re going to stop – AND MEAN IT!  Cold turkey not only helps to quit smoking, but you can also use the cold turkey method to stop biting your fingernails, or in my case to stop eating junk food.  Also, this method is a sure fire way to get rid of that boyfriend/girlfriend that doesn’t appreciate you.  Ok, at this point, after reading this, you can either be empowered or you can be saying “Yeah right, easy for you to say”, and I understand that sometimes these things are easier said than done.  But I believe in you and I believe we all have the power within ourselves to take action.  You owe it to yourself to just try it and if it doesn’t work the first time, keep at it until you’ve found the strength to eliminate it completely. NYC Cigarettes I encourage you to share your stories of any struggles you’ve had in kicking a bad habit.  Whether you’re going through it right now or have triumphantly conquered your vices,  I’d love to hear from you; we’re all in this together. Sidenote:  Ok, so basically I just admitted in this post that I used to be a smoker…hope my mom is not reading!
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Coming Together Despite Our Differences

I'm constantly inspired by people, places, and things I see; sometimes unexpectedly. You never know what you may come across on the streets in Manhattan.  I was taken by surprise when I came upon this scene last Wednesday evening at Beth Israel Hospital. ARI_1484a People gathered together with solemn looks on their faces but hope and strength shown brightly in their eyes.  At the time I wasn't aware of what was going on or why these people were all gathered by candle light.  I later found that a patient at Beth Israel, Mario Vera,was the victim of a hate crime and residents from his neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn gathered together out of concern and to raise awareness of hate crimes in that area.  Mario was viciously attacked by thugs who yelled racial slurs as they beat him on the street.  Now he has no recollection of who he is and does not recognize his own family. This story truly saddens me but it was really touching to see how people will come together at the face of adversity and be strong for one another.  Unless we can all appreciate and have respect for each others differences, these type of crimes will continue to happen.  To read more about this story CLICK HERE .
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