The Value of Rock Bottom

When we hit rock bottom, we feel like it’s quite possibly the worst thing that could ever happen to us. For instance, we lose our job and money is in short supply. The bills are rolling in and companies are not hiring. Rock bottom brings with it feelings of being powerless and imprisoned to your circumstances. Along with it comes shame, embarrassment, and vulnerability like you’ve never felt before.

It’s like the earth swallowed us whole and spit us back out battered and bruised without the slightest understanding of why it’s happening and where to go from here. 

We have two choices when we hit rock bottom: Stay there or climb out.


What happens when we’re in pain? We find ways to remove it. And what happens when we remove the pain? We transform. Not only do we transform ourselves, but we transform the situation as well.

Your Eyes Make Me Dance Photo Credit: Chris is masiva

Something happens when we hit rock bottom. We decide that the pain is enough and we decide to do something about it. Actions that we have been avoiding suddenly become priority and almost by force, we start to confront our fears and do something about it. Maybe we start to realize that job we’ve just lost was the best thing to happen to us. Maybe we start to take a look at the numbers of our financial situation a little closer because we were scared to do so before. We start to take risks and explore other career paths that are more interesting to us that we were too afraid to even consider in the past. And maybe we even start to re-evaluate what is important to us in our lives. Maybe it really wasn’t that job in Accounting.

Think about a rock bottom experience that you or someone you know had. Perhaps you're feel like you're at rock bottom right now. How could you turn it around? If this experience was a miracle sent from the Universe, what could it be showing you?

Keep me posted on how it goes