I believe that everyone deserves to do what they love and everyone deserves to be able to live beautifully, love magically, and dream passionately. - Allison Richard, Yoga Instructor, Coach, & Writer



Take several moments to focus on yourself, first. You will have many distractions in life that will lead you to believe that tapping into your personal desires is selfish; don't be deceived. Become the best, but not for someone else, for yourself. Envision the person you want to be and work towards becoming her. What this will do is give you the confidence to achieve your goals, and beyond. – J. Marcelle Lashley, Brand Strategist & Social Entrepreneur

"What I've learned is that things are OK no matter what. That I’m OK no matter what and that I don’t know everything and it’s ok to ask for help." - Darcy Rogers, Photography

Use your head and heart when you work, make sure those two things are aligned and not competing." - Impact investing maven & CEO at Shore 2 Shore Advisory



" Be bold and act from love." - Melissa Gluck, Digital Designer 

"Play and tinker with many ideas until you find that thing that stokes your passion." Natasha Awasthi, Business Designer & Writer

"Discover what you really want to do and what impact you want to have on the planet and what you were brought here to do; it can only be found within. If you can trust in that and go within to discover it and then show up, nothing is going to stop you. If you do it the reverse, I think it’s a lot harder. - Valia Glytsis, Paradox of Leadership

"Listen to your gut. Believe in yourself and know that there is a greater force greater than you could ever imagine that will guide you and that will show up for you when you get there, but absolutely don’t let anything stop you from doing what you want to do." - Rose Caiola, ReWire Me

"I believe that we were all put on this earth and given this opportunity to do something special while we’re here. I don’t think we always know what that is but we’re here to figure that out and so I think our time here is best served doing that." - Sharon Lee Thony, Wife, Mom, & CEO at STK MKT Entertainment

"Each one of us has a core spark that drives us and tapping into that core authentic spark is the thing you should bring to the world because it’s the thing that makes you most happy and passionate." - Leanne Gluck, Believer in magic, Director, Social Impact badass