What if we were to use the wisdom of the moon cycles to inform our businesses?

Humans and particularly women have always had a profound connection to the moon.

We are mesmerized by its prominence in the sky on dark nights. We marvel at its impact on our oceans. We even seek guidance from the moon through ancient spiritual mysticism. The moon is mysterious, powerful, and luminary -- much like I would describe the inner workings of the feminine consciousness.

One of the things I love most is working with the natural rhythms of the Universe; being in alignment. I geek out on the cycles of the moon. I have an app that tells me what phase we’re in so I immediately know how to shift my energies. When I pay attention to the phases of the Moon, I experience more flow in my life and work. Compared to when I am stressed and distracted, it feels like I am swimming against the current.

The Moon holds unique energies that when used can mean all the difference between the success of a project and it falling flat. When we pay attention to the cycles of the Moon and align our actions with its phases, we begin to experience more flow and ease.

Join the Moon-trepreneur Circles; gatherings for women entrepreneurs who want to engage our business from an enlightened perspective using the wisdom of the Moon.


In the Moon-trepreneur gatherings, you will:

  • Receive a guided meditation to elevate the growth of your business and your professional success

  • Set new monthly practices and intentions for the growth of your business

  • Learn about the Moon energies and how to use it in your business

  • Be in a circle among your Moon sisters

How it Works

  • Circles will be held twice a month on the New Moon & Full Moon (dates below)

  • Circles will be held online via Zoom

  • Intention setting worksheets and reflections in between sessions

  • Recordings of all sessions in case you can’t attend live

Fee: $40/mo or $25 per session

Upcoming Dates

July Circles -

Leading with Divine Charisma (public speaking, video appearances, etc)

  • NEW MOON: Tuesday, July 2nd @ 12p EST

  • FULL MOON: Tuesday, July 16th @ 12p EST

  • NEW MOON: Tuesday, July 31st @ 12p EST

August Circles -

Wise About Wealth

  • FULL MOON: Thursday, August 15th @ 12p EST

  • NEW MOON: Friday, August 30th @ 12p EST

To grab your spot!

Send an email to she@shewentforherdreams.com with the subject line: “I’m in for the next moon circle!”

Make your payment of $40 via Chase Quick Pay or Venmo, details are below.

You will be sent a calendar invitation to join the next circle! Easy as that!