Calling all women leaders, entrepreneurs, & trailblazers

You are invited to join the growing women's creative movement and have you and your company featured on our exclusive women's leadership platform!

We are documenting a diverse collective of courageous, driven, purpose and passion-driven business women who aspire to change the world by doing the work that they love. These women are daring to dream big, breaking down barriers, and blazing a trail as they dare to play a bigger game in their lives and through their work.

The vision behind this project is that the women of Project She Went For Her Dreams will represent a testament to others that doing what you love and changing the world is not only possible but it's our responsibility. The mission through this photo series is to remind women all around the world of their power, their dreams, and be inspired into action.


How it Works:

If interested to participate, fill out this application to get started.

Once your session is booked, we schedule your appointment. We meet in a beautiful location on the day of your session to hold the interview discussion, followed by a photo session of you holding up an inspiring sign/mantra.

What You Get:

  • A fun alternative to traditional headshots
  • SWFHD exclusive interview feature + stylized photo session with redistribution rights
  • Retouched, high resolution images you can keep & reuse!
  • An empowering, inspiring platform to share your personal story of pursuing your dreams, your company vision, personal mission, and promotion of your product or service.
  • Exclusive spotlight on the SWFHD website and across social media channels
  • Enhanced brand visibility as a business/company committed to women’s empowerment and leadership



    • Must be a full time business owner/entrepreneur,
    • Be a woman-owned business or team of majority women
    • 3+ years in business,
    • Have a product/technology/or service that is socially conscious, improving peoples lives, and making a difference.

    Introductory Fee: $500

    Book your session! Limited spots available.