Achieving happiness & success in life is not a series of checking boxes. Neither should growing your business.

When you’re in the beginning stages of your business, it’s tempting to look at what everyone else is doing, and apply those same methods and strategies in your own business. Around here, we call this box checking for your business. It tends to happen to otherwise smart, capable, talented women who probably got all honors in school, have a string of three letter credentials behind their names, leave their jobs (or hope to!) and started a new business. The result?

Panic! Anxiety! Overwhelm! How do I drive this thing?!

After a year or so, all we have to show for it is:

A website that looks good but serves no function. Beautifully designed business cards from that are still in the box. Accounts on several social media channels but your last post was 8 weeks ago. A few clients but not enough to say suck it to your boss.

It happens to the best of us. Trust me I should know.

What I want to teach you in the Creative Business Suite is a better way forward.

Join the Business Creative Suite women’s circle


In the Creative Suite, you'll get business advice, practical tools, an open forum to meet and connect with like-minded women, inspiration, and encouragement to keep you motivated. Come be a part of an experience that will help you build momentum and lead with inspired action so that you can confidently build your dream business.

No more box checking. Less anxiety and more ease in building and growing your business.

What you get is guidance, strategies, and support on:

  • Understanding the type of business you want to build and the lifestyle you want to create

  • Clarifying your goals and intentions as well as the pathway to getting there

  • Setting up structures to get organized and develop more consistency in your business

  • Marketing & Branding strategies to get your work out there in in a more powerful way

  • Working through fears and obstacles -- real and perceived --- that are standing in your way

  • Financial empowerment through money mindset and income-growth strategies

  • Sustaining your wellbeing as an entrepreneur through anti-hustle hard practices

Who This is a Good Fit For

  1. New women entrepreneurs within their first 3 years of business

  2. Aspiring women entrepreneurs who currently work full time and want to transition to entrepreneurship

  3. Women who want to stop merely checking a box in their business and grow on their own terms.

How it Works

  • Monthly 2-hour calls 7:00p -9pm EST (calls every 1st Wednesday, monthly)

  • 1-hour kick off call with me to set your goals and intentions over the next 6-months and get you super clear on what you want to accomplish

  • Zoom online video

  • Worksheets and written exercises

  • Unlimited email access to me

  • Recordings of all sessions (for replay)

$173 per month or $945 pay-in-full

Closed for the Spring/Summer. Apply to get on the wait list for Fall 2019!!

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