We partner with clients to build out their authentic brand & develop communications strategies to position them as the leader of their field.

Our expertise comes from over 10 years of working within the women's movement. Our work is directly fueled by real conversations, real change, and real women to advance the progress of women in business everywhere.


The Essence of YOU: Brand Revamp

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Brand Revamp

Re(discover) your best asset, YOU.

What is it?

The Essence of YOU: is a journey to developing your personal brand from the inside, out. What the Brand Revamp does is it creates an opportunity for women in business to become a leading voice for their industry. It is the opportunity to discover your special ingredients; your essence, that will position you to standout in a crowded marketplace. Your brand is how you choose to show up and stand out in the world. It is how you see yourself or how you want to see yourself. Your brand is how the world sees you. It’s drawing a line in the sand and defining who you are and what you stand for in a way that sets you apart.

The Essence of YOU: Brand Revamp program gives 90% focus on your internal landscape; components like your Why, personal values, and your secret sauce of how you do what you do to help drive your career and business. This creates and impervious foundation of your brand that stands the test of time while the business world fluctuates around you. 10% of this process is aligning you with the right opportunities to grow and thrive. Once you know who you are, opportunities flow more effortlessly. This is the opposite of what we are taught.

Why this program?

Your personal brand is invaluable -- it is the tool that will help you navigate your business with greater authenticity, power, and clarity. Let’s be honest,  there is an influx of information about how to build a personal brand that is creating more confusion than clarity. Emphasis on a logo, website, colors, business cards, your title -- a brand is so much more than this. When we follow this advice, it puts us on the fast track to building a cookie cutter version of someone else instead of leveraging the unique value you bring to the table.

Join Business Advisor, Coach, and Project She Went For Her Dreams Founder, Ariane Hunter for a deep dive on creating your personal brand. The Brand Revamp experience is an intensive journey using best in class strategy  from Ariane’s work with hundreds of entrepreneurs across industries. It is an immersive full day session that essentially distills 6 months of brand strategy coaching into one immersive program. You will leave feeling inspired and 100% clear on actions needed to powerfully build your brand.


Who is it for?

This program works well for enlightened, mission-driven women entrepreneurs, creatives, and aspiring thought leaders who have at least one decade of experience in their chosen field. It is ideal for those who are looking to create and build their professional platform -- whether starting a new business venture, making a career shift, or just wanting more clarity and want to play bigger in the world!

What is the process?

We cover the following areas during our session together:

Clarity + Foundation Building: includes clarity on your mission and vision, your story, your message, your personal brand proposition and best opportunities to position you within your field. We will explore signature talks and avenues to build your thought leadership via speaking and writing. You will gain a clear understanding of how to bring your brand into the world.

Breaking Through Inner Barriers: includes a deep dive into unraveling your fears and inner limitations. We will look at your blind spots; areas that often go overlooked so we can tap into them to develop your unique edge. We will explore areas like Perfectionism, Fear of Failure, and Powerful Communications. You will gain instrumental self awareness of your fears and mindful tools to breakthrough them once and for all.

Out in the World: includes a full assessment on ways to optimize your brand in the social, physical, and digital dimension. We’ll look at your online and offline assets like your website, social media presence, as well as overall persona (environment, network, presence). We’ll identify current untapped opportunities for you as well as the strategies to pursue them. You’ll walk away with a complete roadmap to powerfully and effectively bring your brand out into the world.

What Are They Saying?

It was very easy to work with Ariane. She took the time to get to know my business with specific questions that were tied to my goals that led to actual results. She optimized my website to be easier to navigate and attractive to clients! In addition, Ariane led me through a customized presentation that mapped out my next steps in how to proceed with marketing strategy and techniques. I recommend Ariane with confidence. - Lisa B
I am so glad that I made the decision to work with Ariane because I found so much value in the experience. I got exactly what I wanted from my sessions with her, which was to have clear vision for my path. Thanks Ariane! - Cherine. P

How Does it Work?

The Brand Revamp includes:

  • 1, 90-minute intro call to get to know you, your goals, and desires for our work together

  • 1, 6-hour session (lunch included)  and then 1 session per month for 3 months

  • Guided workbook, exercises, tools, and tips to enhance your exploration

  • 3-month brand strategy roadmap

All of the above is $3500 (deposit of 2100, 2 pmts 700) or $3150 pay-in-full (includes 10% discount)

Optional Add ons:

  • Lifestyle brand headshot photos. Your visual identity makes a strong first impression. Get new lifestyle, unstuffy photos to show off on your social media, Linkedin profile and website!

  • Copywriting + Copyediting. Includes Official Bio, Home, About Me  pages of your website. Beautifully written copy in your tone of voice designed to optimize clients and showcase a sophisticated, powerful version of yourself.

  • Complete LinkedIn profile overhaul. Google results almost certainly includes your Linkedin profile in its search reesults. Make sure your profile exudes professionalism and is consistent with your overall online identity.

Add ons included above are $4200 (deposit of 2520, 2 pmts 1260) or $3780 pay-in-full (includes 10% discount)

Once our session is complete, we’ll schedule our 3 one-on-one sessions on the calendar. If you choose the option to add on copywriting, photography session, and LinkedIn services we will schedule a time to within first 60-days to complete the work.

Why Do I Do This Work?


I want to see you win.

As a former expert fitter-inner, I know what it’s like to be hidden and to feel invisible. I know what it’s like to feel conflicted about what the “experts” say verses what is true in my heart. Building a business and doing work that matters is an inside job and we cannot get our messages out there with greater influence and impact without the right tools and clarity of what we bring to the table. As women, we are living in a system designed to keep us in the dark. My work focuses illuminating our path to greatness using business and branding as the vehicle to get us there.

Curious to learn more? Schedule a 15 minute call today here to see if the Brand Revamp is a good fit for you!