Rachel D. Wilson

Entrepreneur & CEO of LADY Rebranded LLC

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do.

What it all boils down to? Storytelling. I'm a storyteller. I tell stories through business, philanthropy and multimedia. My mission in life? To teach women how to lead with influence, create value in the marketplace and shift culture.

What is your vision for change? Why is this important to you?

It think it's important to shift the way people do life. Particularly, I'm most interested in seeing people build their leaderships skills to influence society in positive ways and to shift culture. I named this company LADY Rebranded as a double entendre. Not only did I want to help women to build business by building disruptive brands, I also want to help women to shift their paradigm for how the build their legacy and create impact on both an economic and social level.

Tell us about the defining moment when you decided to make the leap towards your dreams.

Again, the sudden death of my mother was the primary motivation for me to really stop "testing" the waters of living out my life's full potential. I'd been consulting for other businesses and government organizations all over the world and was afraid to truly step into my life's work full time because of fear. My Mom taught me, in her last days, that we only have one life here and that we should be good stewards over every breath that we take. So, I launched full time. It's not been an easy road by any means, but it is certainly worth it!

What is the impact you believe your work makes in the world?

When women are empowered, entire communities change. Women owned businesses are created twice as fast as businesses owned by men but only grow at half the rate of men owned businesses. What we know is that when women influencers, creators and entrepreneurs are equipped with the tools they need to succeed, they create at least 15 million more jobs in the US, stimulating local and global economies. These are just stats for the US. There's also a lot of powerful work happening across the globe. I believe that my work helps to better position women to build businesses that develop, grow and succeed. By doing so, we indirectly empower social systems as well as directly impact economies.

At Project #SWFHD we are all a work in progress, but we believe in walking our own talk. Tell us how you embody the mission your work serves?

I started my journey with women and girls empowerment at the age of 7 as a Brownie before graduating to a Girl Scout. In 2007, I won the Miss Black North Carolina scholarship pageant which led to being appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador to the Republic of Gambia by the President of that country. During my 5 year service time, I worked with the department of Women Affairs to help the government to implement initiatives that empowered women through leadership and economic development.

I've also walked the journey of every client that I come into contact with. I know what it's like to have to struggle to figure out how to run a successful business. I know what it's like to fail. I also know what it is like to gain access to capital, resources and confidence building opportunities and see my business take off. I use all of these experiences to deliver exceptional service to my clients, to help them to build brands that are capable of being globally recognized and impactful.

A big part of going for your dreams is about feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Tell us about a challenge or fear that got in the way of going for your dreams? How did you handle it?

As an entrepreneur, everyday I face challenges and fears. Will this new sales funnel work? Have a I build enough relationships? Am I creating enough value? Am I enough? But, the key is not to rid myself of the fear. The true victory is to keep moving forward in spite of it. So, every day I decided to affirm who I am, what value I bring to the table and the truth that if I never accomplished anything else, I'm enough. I AM enough.

What is one piece of business advice you would give to someone starting out?

Focus on creating value in the marketplace and the revenue will follow.

Do you have a favorite quote or mantra that inspires you and your business?

My Mother used to tell me all the time "You're closer than you think.". That is my advice to anyone on the journey to live out their life's work. Keep moving forward, trust the process and always remain grateful because you are truly closer than you think.

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