Nicole Hill Orisich

Owner - Pretty Hard Body LLC

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do.

I am a native of NY. A mom and a wife. I am a Certified Personal Trainer and an Orthopedic Exercise Specialist. Pretty Hard Body, LLC is a weight training studio combining the indulgent experience of a beauty bar, with the networking power of a social club, giving women a space to shape and refine their bodies while building relationships over health and fitness. We will offer a unique mix of weight room instruction, small group body sculpting classes, nutrition counseling and wellness coaching - the essentials of a beauty bar for a woman's body in one stylish location. As my team and I are building our studio's framework for our 2018, opening, I teach classes from our studio's schedule, to test and refine our workout selection with ladies for free.

What is your vision for change? Why is this important to you? 

Weight training is important to me because I understand the role it plays as it relates to bone density. As a woman in my late 40's I find that boutique fitness studio options become few for aging bodies. I want to remove the male, bodybuilder and figure competitor stereotype that weight lifting is known for having. I want to give women their own weight room so that they can finally not only enter it, but learn how to use the equipment that can sculpt their arms, strengthen their back and tighten up those thighs. Weight training is a wonderful form of fitness that compliments every workout there is. Women deserve more fitness options to address their health and wellness goals, and I am here for all of it!

Tell us about the defining moment when you decided to make the leap towards your dreams.

I took a bootcamp class last Summer. One of my good girlfriends took it with me. When I nearly passed out just from the warm-up, I removed myself from the floor to lean on the wall to catch my breath. It was that moment when I observed the room and realized that I was about 20 yrs older than the oldest person - that's when I knew I wanted to open my own studio.

What is the impact you believe your work makes in the world?

I believe the work I do allows women to define what their personal definition of "fit" means to them. I also believe that the work I do also provides the nourishment of the fountain of youth. Our bodies are the only thing that will age, and the quality of that process is completely in our hands.

At Project #SWFHD we are all a work in progress but we believe in walking our own talk. Tell us how you embody the mission your work serves?

The ladies I serve and I are the same person. I know what it's like to have back pain and knee pain. I know what it feels like to stand after you've been sitting for a while, and loose and flexible are not the words I would use to describe it. I hate cardio and I love cake. I drink wine and I want to look good in my clothes. And I also workout regularly and maintain a solid nutritional balance. I know what it's like to want to start but somehow...can't.

I lift weights.

A big part of going for your dreams is about feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Tell us about a challenge or fear that got in the way of going for your dreams? How did you handle it?

In my mind, my business is a person and her name is Pretty Hard Body. And PHB is very serious about her mission for women to enjoy training hard. I'm the only person in the entire world that she trusts to bring her business to life. Me of all people! And you know what? I am so honored and so proud to be the interpreter of her ideas. When those moments of uncertainty show up, she reminds me quite gently ~ to not give up. And I don't.

What is one piece of business advice you would give to someone starting out? 

Write a business plan before you do anything.

Do you have a favorite quote or mantra that inspires you and your business?

If it doesn't make money, it doesn't make sense.


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