Phylicia Bernard


Tell us a little about yourself and what you do.

I am a wardrobe stylist for powerful women from all walks of life who are making big moves in the world, no matter what that looks like for them! I equip them with all the personal style and wardrobe building tools to stand out boldly, 10x their confidence, plus attract and magnetize the people and opportunities they desire.

I am based in NYC but serve women online around the world as well.

What is your vision for change? Why is this important to you? 

I am truly passionate and believe that my purpose is to empower, motivate and inspire women to show up with unstoppable confidence in the world, inwards and outwards. This is so important to me because more often than not, women tend to put the needs of everyone else before theirs, forgetting that they have the power to be both feminine and nurturing PLUS BIG, BOLD and CONFIDENT. My passion is so much deeper than just putting women in nice clothing (although that is really fun). It is truly about confidence building and helping women transform from the outside in! Looking good=feeling good!

Tell us about the defining moment when you decided to make the leap towards your dreams.

The defining moment to leap towards my dreams came from unhappiness in my “secure job” position and then the birth of my son. I am originally from Guyana (South America), and when my parents brought my siblings and I to the US, it was all about attaining a better life — and that meant securing a good job with benefits. So I began nursing as a teenager in high school, graduated, went to college as a nursing major, graduated with my associate’s degree in nursing and knew right then and there that I didn’t want to go further with my bachelor’s and master’s.

From the moment I was actually thrown into the medical workforce, I felt completely trapped, my self-expression through personal style decreased by 100% and it was almost as if I wasn’t myself anymore. I was praying to go home before the day even started. I kept praying for excitement in my life that just wasn’t there anymore.

After four years of practicing nursing, I left with the intention of following my passion in the fashion world...styling! I stepped out without any support, former schooling or idea of what I was getting myself into. After three years of trying to make a name for myself in the fashion industry, I became pregnant. Believe it or not, it was then that I decided it was my time. My time to start my own business and show the world why I was different. I knew it would break my heart to go back to work, and so I made a huge decision not to and Style IngeNEWity was birthed the month after my son was.

What is the impact you believe your work makes in the world?

I truly believe that the confidence my work facilitates creates even more of a drive to get out there, to do more (an increase in productivity), to be more and to truly design the life you want. There is no greater feeling to me, in my work, than helping women to look great and feel even better.

At Project #SWFHD we are all a work in progress but we believe in walking our own talk. Tell us how you embody the mission your work serves?

I help powerful women and I choose to show up powerfully in my purpose daily. I am constantly pushing myself to take that next risk. To get out of my comfort zone. I also practice self care. Not to mention, my style is on point, if i do say so myself. LOL! I am fun, vibrant, confident in who I am and my style personality reflects that to a T!

A big part of going for your dreams is about feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Tell us about a challenge or fear that got in the way of going for your dreams? How did you handle it?

Ooo this is a good one! I have had so many that I acted in spite of so far and I'm sure they'll be more, but the most recent one was live streaming more than usual to increase my audience. I decided to first journal around this and then do it any way. I created topics and bullet points on what I wanted to say and went for it. I do it way more often now for sure!

What is one piece of business advice you would give to someone starting out? 

I would say to trust your intuition at all times. There are tons of How-Tos out there, but the only thing that will set you apart and bring you success is what you truly desire to do. If you ever find yourself in a dilemma, take a moment of silence and listen in to what it is exactly that you are being called to do.

Do you have a favorite quote or mantra that inspires you and your business?

Right now it's, "Can't stop, won't stop." Simple but it motivates me. I repeat it daily to remind myself that I have the power to achieve everything. It is all up to me!


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