The SHE in She Went for Her Dreams

When you’re in the business of helping people succeed, the work becomes bigger than you.

I’ve seen the magic of how one woman who decides to go for her dreams and play a bigger game in her own life can inspire another woman to do the same.
It’s like a ripple effect.
The impact we have on one other as women is far greater than we could ever imagine. There is something about seeing a community of like-minded trailblazing women who are going for it that sparks something within you.
The fire in your belly roars to a flame and you are inspired to get out there, be your best self, and do your best work.
This is what it means to have a greater purpose through your work.  When it comes to business and the work that we do, I don’t believe it’s just about selling widgets and increasing the bottom line. I’m going to take a guess that if you’re reading this, that you believe this too.
As women entrepreneurs, many of us go into business driven by a desire to create, change the world, and serve humanity. Our dreams are not flights of fancy, but an invitation to action. At the risk of getting too metaphysical and woo woo, doing business is a sacred act. The hum that lies just underneath the surface, that fuels you to get out of bed every morning. It is a force that does not come through you alone but from a higher power energy channeling through you. It is not our job to question it, but to obey the callings of our hearts.
The imperfect road towards living our dreams is paved with setbacks, longer than expected wait times, and dark nights of the soul. Still we march on. It takes courage to do this kind of work to follow a dream, make an impact, to let go of comfort, risk failure and disappointment, believe in an idea so fiercely that you would die for it.

Project She Went For Her Dreams exists to lead, guide, and transform women into their highest calling as business leaders of the future. We partner with women of our time who are boldly pursuing their dreams and making a difference in the world through the work they are called to do. These women are thought-leaders and change-makers who see the world not so much as it is but how it could be. They are in the trenches, have fallen down and gotten back up, and show up every single day to bring her work out into the world.

The message I want women to take from our work is that you have to do the thing that calls to your soul. It’s no longer an option to deny our dreams any more. We cannot continue to hide behind our unfulfilling 9-to-5’s, the excuses, the fears, and the circumstances that keep us blocked every day. We must become loyal to our dreams instead of what other people want from us. Even if you don’t know what your dreams or passions are, there is no greater time to start exploring them then right now. Part of going for your dreams is about becoming curious about who you are and the work you want to do in this world.  
Each woman intuitively knows what that next step is for her. It is a very personal journey. Whether it’s starting a new business, leaving the dead-end job, doing a TedTalk, taking the job across the country because she feels in her heart that it’s the right move, speaking her mind openly in the boardroom, sharing new ideas that have the power to change the course of traditionally held views, getting out of our heads and trusting ourselves.
The SHE in She Went For Her Dreams is for every woman who dared to do big things, use her power to create, and hold up her middle finger to anyone who tried to hold her back. This mission is for her, this mission is about Us.  
Now that’s something worth celebrating.
Last Fall, my company went through a re-brand and Project She Went For Her Dreams was officially introduced to the world. The launch was celebrated with the kick off my empowerment series, A Night of Dreaming + Doing in NYC for women entrepreneurs, world changers and all star trailblazers. We have our next event coming up on September 21st which is shaping up to be another magical experience.
Today, we forge on, giving inspired business and leadership guidance to women that want it. Some of our women have gone on to launch award-winning companies, appearances on major media outlets, pen best selling books, and even get married, move across the country and start families.
But the best part about all of this, is what we get to say about the work we did when we sit old and gray reflecting on our lives, that we went for it, we went for our dreams.