'I Do' in Central Park | NYC Surprise Engagement Proposal

I truly believe that everyone that you meet in your life is sent to you on purpose. From the stranger you strike up a conversation with in the grocery store to the person you spend the rest of your life with. There are no coincidences and nothing is left to chance.

So when Ben told me the story of how they first met on a dating site; they lived in the same town, had the same mutual friends, but had NEVER met each other before, I knew that something beautiful had brought them together.

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Sharon & Serge; When Perfection Collides |Tobago Beach Wedding

When Sharon and Serge are together, I see two people that are perfectly aligned with joy and carefree love. The dream wedding that once existed in their hearts was brought to life the moment they decided to make their dreams come true. On their wedding day, grey clouds gave way to magnificent sun as though the universe created perfection just for them.
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Great Acts of Love | Matt & Megan | NYC Surprise Proposal

On July 16th, I witnessed two people go from being in a three year committed relationship to planning out the rest of their lives.  The proposal seemed to happened in the blink of an eye and then the moment passed. Then came the tingly feeling in their stomach, the excitement, the brightness that exuded from Megan’s eyes.
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Neil & Monica | NYC Surprise Engagement Proposal

What can I say about this beautiful beautiful couple; Neil and Monica?  Just thinking about them makes me so excited to have met them and proud to have captured one of the most defining moments of their relationship.  Having known each other since high school, it was heart-warming to see how life had led them to Central Park one Thursday evening.  That fateful day Neil set out to propose to Monica.

Monica was under the impression that she and Neil would be doing something spontaneous in Central Park but she wasn’t sure what. It was a story devised by Neil.  Monica was so excited to see that a photo shoot had been arranged for them. She and Neil would get to have professional photos taken of them. How fun right?!!

We started out with some fun cozy shots of this adorable couple.

We continued around Central Park.  The evening was perfect as the sun was setting and the warm glow added a special element to the romance in the air.  My stomach was in knots, probably more so then Neil.  And then, after a swift exchange of glances between Neil and I, the moment had come.  The proposal.


I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect proposal for these two.  And now to celebrate with some post engagement photos!

Being around Neil and Monica was such a joy.  Every couple has their own definition of love.  For me, it’s whenever my bf offers me the last piece of food on his plate.  But for Neil and Monica, it’s in the way he looks at her adoringly as she brushes her hair back, the comfort they feel in each others presence, and the light in their eyes when they share a moment of laughter. 

Congratulations to Neil & Monica; thank you for sharing a piece of you with me!  Join me in sending them your warm wishes by leaving a comment for them below!

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