Wedding Day Fit for Two | NYC Lifestyle Wedding Photography

Generous, compassionate, playful, worldly, supportive, loving, down-to-earth.  These are the best words I choose to describe Nadine & Derrek and their entire family. Their wedding celebration was so inspiring to see. It was a joining of two cultures into one big family and watching the joy spread exponentially.

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Sharon & Serge; When Perfection Collides |Tobago Beach Wedding

When Sharon and Serge are together, I see two people that are perfectly aligned with joy and carefree love. The dream wedding that once existed in their hearts was brought to life the moment they decided to make their dreams come true. On their wedding day, grey clouds gave way to magnificent sun as though the universe created perfection just for them.
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A Love Like Theirs| Kristy + Jeremy's Wedding | NYC Wedding Photography

In between pockets of heavy downpours and ominous grey clouds, the heavens shined down on Kristy & Jeremy for their wedding day.  It had been a long time coming and finally the day was here for them to celebrate their love for each other. 

Watching these two together was such a special treat but I so admired the love and support showed to them by their friends and family.  Kristy and Jeremy had a big bridal party full of lifetime friends who had watched their relationship grow since the very beginning.  They are truly blessed.

Here are the fella's looking sharp and ready to get this party started :).  They are just oozing with cooliciousness; don't you agree?!!

Laughter, smiles, joy and comfort.  These ladies are a tight bunch. Whether they were beaming with pride for Kristy's happiness or helping to bustle the train of her wedding gown, they were there for Kristy in every way.

This is one of my top favorite images from the whole wedding day.  It was captured by my right hand gal and second shooter Pamela Smith.  This was such a beautiful expression from Kristy that perfectly showed the joy throughout the wedding day.

This next image I absolutely love.  To me this photo say's "best friends".  These two are such pea's in a pod having fun.  They know each other so well and will always be there for one another through love and support. 

Kristy and Jeremy made me very happy to be a part of the festivities of their very special day.  I truly wish them a lifetime of love and happiness in their marriage.

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Kristy + Jeremy, Wedding Day Preview | Toms River, NJ

Can't believe it's already been a week since this lovely couple has been married.  Last Friday, I had the special pleasure of photographing Jeremy & Kristy's wedding day.  I don't think these two stopped smiling all day. Through small periods of torrential downpour until the skies cleared up revealing the sun all the way into the calm balmy night; each moment was perfect in it's own way.

Here is a small preview of some of those perfect moments of Kristy & Jeremy's wedding day.

Stay tuned for the whole story of their wedding day.  Until then...

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Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend everyone!  Don't forget to laugh a bit more, hug a little harder, and keep love in all you do :).

Second Stop, Eiffel Tower & Maisons-Leffitte Castle | International Photography


My eyes are a little crossed as I type this; feeling slightly dizzy from all of the photo editing I’ve been working on this week.  Just call me the mad editor, lol.  But I’m so happy to bring you the second set of my images from the Scott Robert workshop I recently attended in Paris.  If you haven’t seen the first set of images from Notre Dame, check here!

So these next set of photos is when we really got to the meat and potatoes of the workshop.  One of the things that Scott emphasized during his lectures was the element of “fear”.  Determine the thing you are most fearful of and run towards it, embrace it and overcome it.  This can be applied in life and specifically within your photography career.  Now, I’m more of a capture the candid moments type of girl rather than place your hand here and turn your head there kind of photographer. I think there is nothing wrong with that approach but I realized I didn't really use any styled posing in my images and that came from a place of fear of posing my subjects or not really knowing how to pose them.  But I was thoroughly challenged to create images using some new posing techniques. 

So off we went to the Eiffel Tower to shoot.  This place was every bit as inspiring and romantic as it is portrayed in the media.  Perfect for a some fun shooting with Phoebe!  

Oh! The beautiful Maisons-Leffitte castle.  I wouldn’t mind living in this here; antique rooms, elegant staircases, acres and acres of land.  It felt like I was in a dream.

Meet the awesome Vanessa; she's so vogue and chic!  I love it!

Introducing the beautiful Phoebe :)!

I love the dreaminess of this photo.

And finally Anna & Perry!  

It was really fun and a bit liberating to let my creativity flow.  I look forward to incorporating more of these posing styles and concepts in my future images.  It’s funny, I can still feel the momentum flowing since this whole experience.  I’m developing the courage to step past my fears and uncover something new within my creativity.  Perhaps one of the worst things we can do is to not evolve within our lives and our creativity due to fear of the unknown.  Getting over that fear for the sake of moving forward can open up a world of possibilities.

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Special thanks to:

Beautiful models Vanessa Tsang, Phoebe Dingman, Anna Chow & Perry.  Makeup artist, Regard Tang for her awesome work in makeup and styling.  And to my SR peers for all your help with lighting and for being so supportive :).

Are Weddings Becoming Too Commercialized?

When I think of weddings the first things I envision are people having a good time, families coming together, everyone is smiling, beaming brides, handsome grooms, proud parents, excitement, laughter, and tears of joy. After months and even years of planning, these are the meaningful things that make every wedding day unique and memorable.  There are endless resources available to brides to help make the wedding planning process easier and provide inspiration for ideas to create the wedding of their dreams.  However, recently I’ve been seeing some things from bridal publications that I need to put in perspective. I’m discovering that there seems to be an increase in the portrayal of  material things when it comes to planning a wedding.  Details that include exquisite stationary, over-the-top centerpieces, designer dresses, jewelry, and accessories.  It’s mind boggling to see how much emphasis is placed on these things rather than the sentiment of the day itself.  Now I’m not saying that these things have no place in the wedding, it certainly helps to bring out the individual personalities of the couple.  But it definitely feels as though we are losing site of what getting married is really all about.  Being a minimalist at heart, I treasure the simplicity of substance over style when it comes to creating images that portray the couples individuality.  So when I photograph a wedding, I pay attention to the excitement of the people and emotional-filled moments more so then table decorations and flower arrangements.  Don’t get me wrong, these are items I don’t want to miss in my photographs because I do feel they add to the overall feel and ambiance of the day.  However these aren’t the things I typically get all warm and fuzzy about. So I spoke to a good friend of mine, VaNessa, who is knee deep in the planning process for her wedding this year.   I asked her, as a bride-to-be, to share her thoughts on the wedding industries role in shifting the focus from the celebration of two people uniting to the miscellaneous wedding details.   VaNessa revealed some very interesting insights in her answer; here’s what she had to say:

“Tangible details and props have absolutely become the focus of modern day weddings. As a bride-to-be planning my own wedding (with the help of my family), these details are at the core of the majority of the conversations I have regarding planning. From gift bags to gift tags, flowers and candles, right down to the type of pens that are best to use for guests to sign the guest book...all of it matters and it matters a lot! What's unfortunate is that it shouldn't-weddings are a lot more about businesses making money than they are about celebrating the love between two people. My fiancée and I remind ourselves of this regularly so that we don't become overly consumed with all of the external details”. -  VaNessa, Bride-to-Be.

I would imagine that the wedding planning process is such a delicate and sensitive time for the bride/groom and their family.  It seems that, although it is stressful it is also very exciting to implement ideas and personal details for one of the most important days of one’s life.  Wedding blogs and bridal magazines are two of the most top used resources that play a pivotal role for the couple when planning their wedding day.  However some of these same media outlets use overly glammed-up images and aggressively push the sale of items onto their readers to make it seem like you absolutely must have that item.  It’s similar to the Christmas holiday when marketers surround shoppers with extra stuff they think they need in order to properly celebrate Christmas. I don’t believe this is the case for all bridal sites and magazines however. There are many that exist to provide useful information and genuine inspiration for ideas for the modern bride.  Inspiration in the form of do-it-yourself floral bouquets or even design tips for the eco-friendly bride can be just the advice needed to personalize your wedding day and bring the bride/groom back to the center of the occassion.  Top wedding blogger Carolyn Gerin from AntiBride had this to say:

“I am with you on focusing on what’s important: the couple and capturing the moment as opposed to all the accoutrements that come with W-day. But in the defense of the blogs and mags, many are showcasing ideas (ie: stuff) that other brides can borrow or buy to save time and inspire. Although many of these publications/blogs exist as advertising vehicles to push merch, others are quite idea driven (Eco-Beautiful Weddings , Destination I Do, the original Wedding Belles magazine) and inspire brides to take a step back from predictable W-day offerings and look to personal style and meaning. I think the key to focusing on what’s important is to find the influencers who consistently walk the road less travelled and pitch a tent there, informing the rest of the world what’s possible. Mainstream consensus followers vs. contrarians have been around since the dawn of time, but love, meaning, and originality (with or without the ‘DeBeers-2-month-salary-diamond’) is what endures.” – Carolyn Gerin, AntiBride

I admire Carolyn's views as she raises a great point that although there are bridal sites that incessantly push sales, there are also inspirational resources for brides/grooms who want to invest in more creative details to help personalize their wedding day. Another wedding blogger that consistently promotes creativity and inspiration for brides in planning their wedding day is Jacin Fitzgerald of Lovely Little Details.  She did a great post discussing the tendency to get wrapped up in the "extra's" that come along with wedding planning and reminds brides of what the day is really about.   Jacin shares her thoughts:

“I believe that sometimes we get too carried away in the details (yes, I can even admit this) of the event rather than focusing on the actual sacrament that is taking place.  I was guilty of this as well, and planned my wedding down to the very last detail, and had to take a step back and remember what it was all about.  The color of my flowers, hairstyle, dress, cake, and all the other pieces of the day were just a mere piece of what was actually happening and 20 years down the line I will remember saying "I do" to my best friend, confidant, and the love of my life – and that’s the most important detail of all!!” – Jacin Fitzgerald, Lovely Little Details.

So, I'll leave you with this; although, aesthetics and pretty details can help create a personal touch on your wedding day, the one thing that lasts will be the people and the memory of saying “I Do”.  My guess is, when the wedding day is over and people pack up to go back home, they won’t be thinking about the centerpiece or "who" the bride was wearing.  They’re going to remember how their 85-year-old grandma got on the dancefloor and busted a move.  They’re going to remember the group hug that the bridal party shared after the toast was made.  It’s memories like this that count to make a wedding day what it is. I would love to hear your views on this.  Feel free to comment below to share your thoughts.  Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this post, please share on Twitter & Facebook. See Beauty... Ariane
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Psyched for Wedding Albums!

Aiyisha and Seon are now the proud owners of their new wedding album!  Putting together their album was a labor of love and it was worth every minute.  I hope that every time Aiyisha and Seon look through their wedding album they relive the beautiful moments of their day.  The details, the smiles, and excitement was captured and now it is preserved forever in this priceless keepsake. I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the album.  This particular one was made with a black leather cover that stands out quite nicely in texture.  As I flipped through the album, the durability of the pages felt so good on my fingers :).  The pictures fit seamlessly on every page and the middle gutter was smooth which was perfect for panoramic spreads. In two words if I had to describe the album it would be "remarkable craftsmanship". For those who want to know, I use WHCC as my album supplier.  They are my go-to printing lab of choice and I have never been disappointed.  The customer service at WHCC is excellent and it was so comforting to be able to call them anytime with all the questions I had.  They were extremely helpful throughout the whole album designing process.  And to top it off, I ordered three albums in total and all three of them were delivered to me in just one week!  Bravo WHCC! I hope that this wedding album brings Aiyisha, Seon and their wonderful family beautiful memories for years and years to come! See Beauty... Ariane
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