How writing helped me find my calling

How writing helped me find my calling

I don’t talk much about it but writing is and has always been a big part of my life. From a little kid scribbling words on pieces of paper, getting an A+ for best short essay in elementary school, to now most recently having my piece published in Writing for me is a very subtle yet powerful practice of mine that has oftentimes led me to my biggest breakthroughs in life and work.

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Meditative Photo Walk | A Workshop on Mindful Photography

"Prayer is when you talk to God, Meditation is when God talks to you." Yogi Bhajan

I've always been amazed at how all time seems to stop when I lift the camera to my eye. We start to see our worlds differently as everything around us starts to take shape. We become completely absorbed in the present. There's no other beautiful place to be than being in the moment.

Come join me this Sunday for my new photography workshop; Meditative Photo Walk.

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Letting Your Voice Shine | A workshop recap

This past Thursday, I had the absolute honor of co-hosting a workshop on the power and potential of listening to your inner voice. In a yoga studio filled with positive affirmations on the wall, pretty stationary for journaling, and seated floor cushions for buddha style discussion, my co-host and I spoke on the importance of self-discovery and passionate living. .

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Women With Voices | A Workshop For Feminine Enlightenment

Imagine a world of dynamic brilliant women breaking barriers and owning their natural strength.

Imagine a world where we saw ourselves as confident and fully committed to achieving our dreams.

Imagine a world where the voice of one creates her own destiny and paves the way for those behind her.

Imagine a world where the feminine spirit was allowed out to play, create, and have her say in the world!

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Street Portrait Challenge | NYC Workshop on Fears & Personal Power

If you have a camera, you have a tool that will not only transform you, but the people around you. It’s  mostly the reason why we are drawn to photography in the first place.

Join me on Saturday, February 16th @ 2pm for another Street Portrait Challenge; workshop style. We will come together to explore our fears and our personal power all while using photography.

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Soul Photo30 ; A Workshop to Get Out of Your Head & Into Your Heart

How would it feel to disconnect from the humdrum of the every day? The hustle and bustle of the crowded subway trains. The constant ringing of the telephone in your office at work and your boss yelling on the other end. How would it feel to shift out of the stuckness of wanting to explore your creative calling within but not knowing how?


Starting on January 7th, I am hosting a month long workshop in New York City called Soul Photo30 and I invite you to come along with me! All you need is a camera and just 30 minutes every day to immerse yourself in self-indulgence that will fuel your desire for creative expression, get in touch with your deepest thoughts and dreams, and activate soulful exploration in your day to day. Not a bad way to spend half an hour, huh?

And because new experiences are better with company, Sign Up to Soul Photo30 and bring a friend with you, FREE!!

Soul Photo30 is about

getting inspired….rekindling your creative passions...tuning in….gaining greater self awareness...breaking monotony...connecting with personal fulfillment...listening to your own voice…and deepening your relationship with self...

Who is this workshop for?

  • photo enthusiasts; instagramers welcome!
  • the closet creative
  • the 9-5 cubicle dweller
  • the recovering left brainer
  • if you’re hearing a small voice inside shouting ‘yes’ then this workshop is for YOU!

Soul Photo30 consists of daily 30 minute Artist Photo Dates and weekly self-reflective journaling to help you gain clarity, access your inner creative child, and reconnect with your sense of self. Plus there'll be two live in person meet up's and one live group call that will help you stay motivated throughout the process and bond with like-minded passionista's such as yourself!

I will be your guide throughout this process helping you uncover those untapped passions by sharing inspiration and insights I've gained in the past five years of my own journey of creative self-discovery.


Eventbrite - Soul Photo30


So in a nutshell,

What you'll receive is; 

  • A self-assignment to take daily Artist Photo Dates, just you and your camera 
  • Weekly self-reflective journaling prompts
  • Access to private Facebook page to post your photos and connect with others from the group
  • Two live gatherings, 1- kickoff the workshop and 2- wrap-up & celebrate!
  • One live group call to check-in and share experiences
  • End of workshop showcase to discuss and share your photos!

What you'll need

  1. a camera. All camera's are welcome including a smartphone, point-and-shoot, or DSLR!
  2. a journal for writing activities

You don't need to have any previous photography experience to join this workshop, just a passion to discover the beauty of this world and who you truly are!

Why Am I Doing This?

I come from a past life where creativity was seldom encouraged or nurtured. It was treated like some taboo thing that only a select few were fortunate enough to do but could never to be taken seriously, especially when it came to a career path.  I happened to stumble upon photography by chance but what came from this discovery was anything but chance. Finding photography opened up my emotional, mental, and spiritual world in ways I could never imagine. It connected me with a fulfilling passion. It connected me with worldly beauty. And it connected me with a sense of purpose. Since then it has been my life's work to motivate and inspire others towards a life filled with personal discovery, creative passion and purpose so that we can all know what it's like to connect with that place within our core that yearns to satisfy their soul with something greater than the status quo.

Say you'll join me for 30 days in a wonderful journey of creative self-discovery.


Eventbrite - Soul Photo30


With Love & Light