An Invitation into Energy Consciousness: Wednesday, July 3rd @ 8pm EST!

What:    Tuning in: Developing Your Self-Awareness


This Wednesday, July 3rd, join me for an intimate tele-circle to learn how our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are creating your reality. For better or worse, our thoughts are a gateway to how we see ourself and the world around us. Without being aware of our thoughts we miss out one of the only ways to create meaningful change We’ll also learn ways to cultivate deeper self-awareness and we get a sneak peek into the Energy Consciousness Assessment; an eye-opening tool that captures how you see yourself, your world, and how to make sublte shifts that would have the greatest impact.

Cost:    No charge!

Where:     Comforts of your home!

When:    Wednesday, July 3rd @ 8pm EST


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"See" you there!