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I see beauty in connection and relationships. In our increasingly technological world, where people more frequently meet virtually than in person, I long for the simple joys of human connection: the brush of a couple’s hands, nuzzling between mom and baby, shy smiles that communicate volumes.

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Guest Post on Meditative Arts: Why I Will Never Photoshop

As a photographer, I stand against using Photoshop in my work in a way that extensively manipulates an image to either create or take away from what I think makes a persons beauty shine.  And as a woman, I am in touch with the constant pressures of needing to look and feel perfect.  

But I say, beauty always starts from within.


"We can be emotional, we think with our hearts, and are stepping up to lead the world single-handedly. Shouldn’t that be included in what defines our overall beauty? These are the qualities that empower us to shine in our own unique way".

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