EPISODE 1: Owning Your Corner -- What Women of Color Can Do to Blaze a Trail in Career and Life

Today, we’re in conversation with Tumi Soyinka, Head of Marketing at Mizani/Loreal. Tumi opens up about her career path from Music Technology to her serendipitous opportunity that led her to now be the head of one of the largest textured hair care brands. The path to doing work you love and finding a career that aligns with you is often a squiggly line and life will take you in different directions than we originally intended. Tumi shares how to be open to that process.

We also get into much deeper conversation about navigating the workplace as a woman of color. How do we navigate microaggressions and insensitivities from our well intentioned colleagues? We talk about loving our natural hair and proudly owning the pieces of identity that make us who we are. 

Grab a cup of tea and join us for this super inspiring conversation!

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