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The following videos and resources are to help you navigate business leadership, whether you are a new entrepreneur in the initial dreaming and planning phases, or a seasoned pro looking to elevate your professional platform, you will find what you need here. Check back often for new resources being added.

Taking the Leap: 3 Tips to Launch Your Business Today!               

You have a brilliant idea for a business. Maybe you’ve even started doing it on the side and dream about one day making it full time. But you’ve cold feet about actually taking the plunge or you simply don’t know how you could possibly get started. In today’s video I’m sharing three tips you can take TODAY to take the leap and start your business. Time to stop dreaming and starting doing.

How Smart Women Can Overcome Self Doubt

It happens to the most smart, driven, talented women. No one is immune, even the most appearingly successful woman. It is the single most dangerous barrier that stops many of us in the pursuit to greatness. In today’s video, I’m highlighting a key conversation that we as women entrepreneurs don’t often get to talk about: SELF DOUBT. In it, I’m sharing 3 powerful practices we can begin to build long lasting confidence


Crafting Your Personal Brand

As an entrepreneur you are a brand. Who are you? What makes you different from the rest? What do people know you for? I love this topic. Branding is your north star. This helps you build your business organically.  In today’s video I am discussing all the puzzle pieces that help you to uncover your true brand, so that your business can shine authentically.


3 Things All New Business Owners Need To Do In Their First Year

You’ve launched your business but quickly realizing you can’t operate it off of passion alone. Rather than being consumed by overwhelm by the million things you think you “should” be doing in your business, just focus on a few key areas that will have the biggest impact over the long term. In today’s video, I’m sharing three key areas you need to be consistently focused on within your first three years of business.

Painless Networking & an Elevator Pitch that Inspires

Networking. We all know we need to do it but few of us actually do. Maybe we’re not good at it, it feels inauthentic or haven’t gotten great results from it in the past. Has this been your experience? In today’s video I’m sharing how to make networking the most exciting, worthwhile activity you can do for your business. I’ll even tell you what not to say when networking PLUS a creative new way to craft your elevator pitch that will inspire instead of fall on deaf ears.


How To Up Your Marketing Game

Marketing?!? Such a fearful topic for most entrepreneurs. Why is that? I know you don’t want to feel like a used car salesman, so in this video I am going to help you figure out how to craft your marketing plan in the way that resonates best with your values and brand. Let's learn to embrace our marketing fears so we can get our work out there and make a difference!