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Master Your Marketing Message

  • Ever get stuck on what to write in your Instagram posts?

  • Is your message consistent across your website, social media and promotional copy?

  • Is your message watered down with generic terms that don't really mean anything?

Your marketing message underpins everything you do. From social media captions to your elevator pitch, without a clear concise and consistent message that has a unique pov -- you will miss out on opportunities to truly connect with your audience, grow your following and get sales.

Join me for Mastering Your Marketing Message. In 75 minutes, you'll actively learn how to build your professional narrative so that your message stands out and lands with the right clients. You'll learn new strategies on how to use your marketing message to write promotional copy and generate new content. During the session I will walk you through how to write your winning marketing message so bring a pen!

Warning: If you prefer to have a generic brand and work with everybody rather than have a niched audience, this session is NOT for you.

For those who want to up their marketing game confidently, I'll see you there!

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Dream-Plan-Do: Build Your Business Baby

2-hour training designed for new and aspiring women entrepreneurs, I take you through a deep dive that gently walks you through the process of turning your business idea into concrete steps. From branding, to money strategies, to how to market yourself and overcome inner barriers, this video presentation leaves no stone unturned. Complete the training at your own pace and replay as much as you need to. Available for just $25! In this pre-recorded training, we discuss:

  • How to make the transition from working for someone else to being your own boss.

  • What you'll need to focus on in your first three years of business.

  • How to confidently find your voice (aka your brand) and become the go to resource in your industry.

  • How to find the right mentors to help grow your business.

  • Tools to develop the right money mindset and building financial success in your business.

  • And so much more!

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