Our Mission

To catalyze women into positions of power, influence, & leadership in business and beyond.

Who We Are

At Project She Went For Her Dreams, we believe in the relentless pursuit of doing work you love. That means breaking down walls, kicking down barriers, thinking differently, boldly, adventurously so that you can step out of the status quo and do work that is not only meaningful to you but leaves the world a better place. It’s about listening and answering to the call of your deepest desires. Whether it’s writing a book and submitting it to a literary agent, getting your yoga certification and teaching yoga to women of domestic violence, or even starting your own branding agency to support women entrepreneurs. We want you to feel your dreams so strongly in your body that you can’t not do it.

The work you do in the world has the undeniable power to socially impact, improve, and solve our greatest challenges while fulfilling our own individual sense of purpose.

The time we have here on earth is precious and we cannot waste another moment staying in that job you’ve outgrown; allowing what other people think to silence your voice; settling for good enough when you know deep down you were meant for more.

Project She Went For Her Dreams encourages you to ask yourself, what kind of life do you want to lead. What do you want to say about how you lived your life and the impact you made in the world? We have this amazing gift to treat every moment as opportunity to truly go for it and leave a legacy for the next generation of women leaders. To learn more about us, visit www.shewentforherdreams.com.

We have four foundational beliefs:

  1. That it is our responsibility and birthright to share our gifts and God-given talents through our work because when we don’t, we are doing the world a huge dis-service.

  2. That self-awareness, mindset, sense of purpose, and an impenetrable conviction are the buildings blocks necessary to lasting success and fulfillment in one’s life and career.

  3. That the work we do has the power to be used as a vehicle for positive change, personal fulfillment, and powerful impact.

  4. That when a woman awakens to her true purpose, she is unstoppable.

Gallery of Women Trailblazers