Rob (Part II), Underground Soul | Portraits | NYC Subway

My new muse never ceases to inspire me.  Our second shoot together and Rob completely wow’d me with his transformation skills. 

I like to call this one Underground Soul mainly because the first part of the session was in the NYC subway station.  It’s actually the train station near my home.  Who knew this little area had so much potential to make interesting pictures.    And number two, the name Underground Soul relates to the mood of the scene to match his expression which is a bit soulful and contemplative. 

Rob is an artist through and through.  Music runs through his veins especially when it comes to Classical music. 

The images you just saw is part of my running series that I call Art & Soul.  It will be a mixture of inspired style, substance, and personality to portray images that evoke moods and various expressions.  If you’d like to participate in this series as my assistant or model, please feel free to contact me.  I’d love to have you :). 

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