A Letter From Your Dreams

Everyone always tells you to follow me, that your life will be better if only you were just living me out.

What do they know, you mumble. They don’t know your situation. You’ve worked damn hard to get where you are and you’re not going to risk it all for me. I mean, you’re right. Look at what you could lose.

The career you’ve built over the last ten plus years could go away. Sure you question whether you even like the work anymore but it’s what you’ve always done.

The respect from your family and friends. They think you’re super cool because you work at Google. You’ve spent a lifetime not letting them down and you’re not about to start now.

The person you’ve always been. Your success has come from doing what’s logical and rational not from being some dreamer, wishful thinking person. You’re not a child anymore. You live in the real world.

Besides, your life is fine as it is. Everything is fine, right?

Only, I hear your sobs at night. I hear your prayers asking for answers. I see how you get lost as you stare out into space thinking about your future.  I hear how you quietly criticized your friend Alyssa when she resigned from her career as a lawyer and opened up that new yoga studio in downtown Manhattan.

I haven’t said anything but I’m worried about you.

I’ve stayed quiet for far too long. I have stayed hidden deep down within you where you’ve kept me buried. You have ignored and dismissed me as if I don’t exist. As if I am not real.

I am here to tell you that I AM real. I am your dreams.

I am as real as the air you breathe.

I am as real as the nervous flutter you feel in your belly when you think of writing and publishing that book.

I am as real as the joy you feel when you light up teaching your friends about how to eat health consciously.

I am as real as the “you only live once” sign you happen to walk by at the same time you were thinking it.

I live in your heart and whisper to you in your quietest moments. To you, I may sound foolish and irrational. But for your entire life, you’ve played it safe haven’t you? When will you finally let yourself be happy?

Don’t you get it?

I am the reason you are here. I exist for you to believe in me.

I chose you because you are the only person that can fulfill me the way I was meant to be. I am unique to you and you only.

So while you may continue to ignore and deny me as some flight of fancy, I am here to stay. I will never leave.

You are afraid of me but you needn’t be. You may not think you are ready to fulfill me but I would not have come to you if that were true.

I am your dreams. It’s time you start listening to me instead of your fears. It’s time for us to start working together today instead of putting me off till the future. It’s time you start trusting in me. It’s time you start taking me seriously because without me, life starts feeling empty.

Take my hand and let’s jump in, together.

I am ready when you are.


Your Dreams