Dreaming-and-Doing ‘Advice’ Calls

75-minute phone/Zoom advice session that all new women entrepreneurs need when starting out. Get advice, clarity, structure, and good ‘ol fashioned straight talk on the do’s and dont's to start and hit the ground running in your business. Get immediate answers to your burning questions as you set out on the entrepreneurial path such as: how to brand and market yourself, what website software to use and even how to price yourself. Walk away feeling super-charged, inspired and motivated to take action! Includes one 30-day follow-up email.

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Dream-Plan-Do (Lite): The 911 Plan

Designed for new or even seasoned entrepreneur who are short on time or simply overwhelmed with how to get started marketing the business and building visibility for your company. The 911 plan is a 30-day strategy that focuses on helping you market yourself with effortlessly. We offer simple, concrete steps on how to build your online persona through writing and speaking. You get a comprehensive plan that supports your 90-day marketing goals and sets you up for success over the next three months in your business to hit your goals. The plan delves into your unique marketing message, as well as social media, website and email marketing strategies to get your message out there in a powerful way. For fun, you’ll discover your exact entrepreneurship type (based on your birth date) and how to integrate WHY into everything you do. It’s a plan that merges personal purpose and business strategy.

$997 (applies to the "Go Deep" plan if you upgrade)

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Dream-Plan-Do (Go Deep): The Thought Leadership Plan

Designed for new and seasoned entrepreneurs alike who want to take their work to the next level and become creative thought leaders of their field. Created as a half-year journey to help professional women and entrepreneurs package and position themselves to become the go-to, recognized voice of their industry. This plan picks up where the 911 plan leaves off with high touch, personalized support to help build visibility and thought leadership in your industry. Through a well developed strategy that includes speaking, writing, signature talk we work together to leverage your expertise and use it to increase your earning potential and elevate your voice and build your personal brand value.


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