Two sacred routines you must set up to get organized in your business

How are you spending time on your business? Two hours each week is often all you need to make a huge leap.

Friday and Sunday are two of my favorite days of the week. For me, they are sacred days where I devote my attention to check in on the progress and growth of my business. When I skip or flake on these weekly appointments in my business, it just doesn’t work as well. Like yoga, when you skip a class, the body just doesn’t seem to work as well. Learning to treat your business like you would treat your body, taking care of it with love and attention is the best thing you can do to see it grow.

Today, I’m sharing my two sacred routines that I do in my business and how I use it to bring more structure and organization in my work.

My Two Sacred Routines:

  1. Intention Setting/Planning Sunday; block out 60-minutes on your calendar to set new goals and intentions for the week ahead. This is your personal boss lady time to hone in on what you want to focus on this week. Use this time to focus on generating new opportunities for your business. List prospects you want to follow up with, people you want to network with, sales goals you want to hit, and any breakthrough items that will propel your business.

  2. Reflection Friday; block out 60 minutes on your calendar to review the week you’ve had. This is your check in time to review the highlights of your week as well as the lowlights. Use this time to celebrate your personal wins. If you made a sale, posted on social media, checked off the items on your to do list, launched your website or anything that moved your closer to your goals, this is the time to take stock of them. You will also use this time to note anything that didn’t go so well this week. Items you didn’t get done, missed goals, etc. Next to each item, write what got in your way and ways to improve next time.

Consistency is key. If you don’t feel ready to stick with this practice for at least a month, don’t start it. I guarantee after a month of the Friday/Sunday practice, you will want to keep going. You will see a major difference in your business because setting aside time to work on it, is constant positive energy that you are feeding it. That is what makes this practice so sacred. It’s like church for your business.

Are you ready to get started? Take out your calendar right now and mark off the next four Fridays and Sundays. Set a time for each day making sure it’s the same time every week.

I personally use Google Calendar to do this practice. I like it because that way I can set notifications and reminders. I live and breathe by my calendar so keeping things scheduled allows me to stay on track and manage the time in my day.

Keep these Friday/Sunday appointments with yourself as you would keep a doctor’s appointment. You wouldn’t skip a check up with your doctor so don’t flake on yourself either. Make this time with your business each week a non negotiable. Remember, you come from a long lineage of smart, wise, strong ancestral women who without them, you would not be here today. Your commitment to doing this work represents the women who came before you and those who will come after you. This is what keeps me going when I want to quit. Let today be your day to dream and plan big.

With love,