How to Become Confident With Money -- the practice that changed my life.

If money was a person you were in relationship with, how would you describe this person?

Money is a relationship between you and it. The relationship you have with your money will certainly determine your experience of it.

I used to describe money as: Elusive. Never around. Always running away. Tricky. Sneaky. Caused conflicts. Associated with deceit and betrayal. Not worthy or deserving of.

Ironically, how I described money back then sounded a lot like the people I dated. Coincidence? Not really.

Back then I had a hard time keeping money around. I would have a few good months and then just like that, the money would be gone as soon as it came. I couldn’t understand it. And because money is so emotional for many of us and is particularly triggering, my happiness depended on what was in my bank account. 

What I learned is that in many ways money mimics the relationship we have with others. If we give others the power to determine our happiness. If we allow others to mistreat us and if we mistreat ourselves. If we don't value ourselves, why should we expect others to. If you have a hard time trusting people, you will see that lack of trust show up in your money story as well.

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Sometimes when we embark on the entrepreneurial path, our darkest money messages rise to the surface so that we have to deal with them.

After years of believing that money was this elusive thing that was never around and constantly living that reality, I realized I needed and quite honestly deserved better. I took matters into my own hands and I started doing Financial Fridays.

Let me tell you about Financial Fridays. Financial Fridays are sacred money dates I have with myself every week to look at and work with my money. Each Friday, I block out time between 9:00 and 11:00am and I sit in front of my laptop to review my finances. I have never missed a session and if I cannot make the date because I’m traveling, I make it up the following week.

I conclude each Financial Friday session with a gratitude list. I write 10 things from the week that I am grateful for and I begin each sentence with the words “I am so grateful that....

The results? Well, through this practice, I’ve seen growth in my business, my income, my investments and my credit scores. I figured out ways to create consistent income streams and created more ways to bring in money. Even more, I’ve stopped chasing money out of fear of running out of it.

I’ve even noticed more abundance in ordinary things like getting free tickets to shows and expensive gifts from dear friends and even strangers. I’ve even received checks in the mail out of nowhere.

Financial Fridays has helped me become less impulsive with money and raised my discipline in being consistent and committed to myself and my money.

But most of all, my confidence with money has grown exponentially.

Having confidence with money came from respecting it. When you pay attention to money, you begin to understand it; you understand its nature as a cyclical energy. You understand numbers not as the sole indicator of your worth but simply as data. You determine what you want to do with that data; make more money, take a vacation, invest it -- you direct where you want your money to go. Not the other way around.

Here are a few accounts you should know and can get started with:

  • Capital One 360 Online Savings Account

  • Acorn Investing App; personalized portfolios, invest your spare change. Fees are $1/mo.

  • Ally Online Savings Account; 2.2% interest rate

Now let’s get to work rebuilding our relationship with money. Set your first Financial Friday date, be fearless and!


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