Episode 2: Creating Certainty to Build the Business of Your Dreams

A new podcast episode is up y’all!

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Ok, on to the episode:

Episode 2: Creating Certainty to Build the Business of Your Dreams

We’re in conversation with Jessica Perilla, Creative Director and Founder of the Award Winning Branding Agency JPD Studio. Jessica opens up about her decision to go from full time employment to starting a business from the ground up. Her dreams were fueled by a desire to have artistic vision and work with her own clients using technology as the gateway. She tells us how having both fear and excitement when starting a new path is absolutely normal and that having a mindset of certainty helps build confidence and attract new opportunities.

We also get into much deeper conversation about being a woman of color entrepreneur in a traditionally male dominated field of technology. As a minority women owned business, Jessica's company is sought after and continues to attract clients who specifically want to work with women like her.

You don’t want to miss this conversation!

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